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Daphne wasn't murdered yesterday

English translation of this original blogpost in Maltese.

Daphne wasn't murdered yesterday.

Daphne was murdered when she exposed drug traffickers, with photographs and evidence, and instead of being arrested they found a government ready to cover up for them. Because their daddy was into the Party's circle. Because he was a friend of the Minister.

Daphne was murdered when she exposed corruption in the higher echelons of the Police Force, when she exposed inspectors and police officers involved in criminal circles, and rather than seeing action being taken we saw a government rewarding them with promotions. And re-instating those who had been expelled in the preceding years.

Daphne was murdered when she exposed cases of money-laundering on an international level, involving high-profile politicians from dictatorial regimes, and our Police Commissioner, Attorney General and politicians, failed to take action. Rather, they sought to ensure these crimes were covered up and the evidence allowed to be removed and destroyed.

Daphne was murdered when the Attorney General and three Police Commissioners in a row saw the reports proving high-profile organised crimes being committed by people in power, the same crimes she was reporting, and rather than taking action chose to shut up and be silent.

Daphne was murdered when our politicians allowed our Police Force to rot, which as Manuel Delia correctly stated, was able to send "motor-cycle outriders flashing lights to help the prime minister’s wife get to her nail technician 5 minutes sooner", but wasn't able to "protect the last defender of our democracy."

Daphne was murdered when she exposed corrupt and sleazy politicians, and rather than spit upon them, we clapped for them, gave them standing ovations, and elected them with a higher number of votes.

Daphne was murdered when these corrupt politicians found a Parliament ready to defend them rather than condemn them.

Daphne was murdered when those responsible for the state of our democracy, destroyed and corrupted our institutions, bit by bit and stone by stone, to protect their personal interests, and rather than address the problems she was exposing, chose to shoot the messenger. Until literally, shot she was.

Daphne was murdered when bit by bit, we allowed our government to normalise corruption and criminality, nay not just normalising it but rewarding it! Until criminals felt comfortable enough believing that it wasn't them who were in the wrong, but whoever was exposing them.

Daphne wasn't murdered by a bomb. Daphne was murdered by a State which failed. And by each and everyone of us who chose to close our eyes to all of this. Because our pockets were fine. Because the economy was doing well. Because we were comfortable. Because really and truly, though we refuse to admit it, we have gone backwards and not forward. Because we might have used to "skin a louse for a penny", but now we'd let a democracy be destroyed for a euro. Worse, we have a let one of our own sisters be murdered.


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